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Why Renewable Sources?

With a growing concern for the environment, rising costs of energy, and huge competition for the remaining non-renewable energy, it is a real possibility that we are entering into a global energy crisis because of our dependency on fossil fuels and our continual production of potentially catastrophic amounts of carbon emissions.

Renewable Services | New Incentives in 2011The U.K. has a continuing need to generate power, but how can we do this efficiently? Solar panel and air source heat pump systems are ways in which home owners can help our country go green for the future. So why renewable technologies? And what are the alternatives?

Renewable sources are no longer unobtainable because they’re too expensive, they are now a sensible and cost effective option that is available to everyone. If you too want to feel the benefit of reduced energy bills and a lower carbon footprint then now is the time to invest in a renewable sources system. With the income stream generated through the Government Feed In Tariffs and Renewable Heat Incentives you’ll soon be recovering the outlay.

So renewable sources is now a real alternative in a world that has an ever increasing energy problem. Solar panels, solar hot water, wind turbines, hydro or wave power and ground/air source heat pumps are all potential options, but the most reliable of these renewable energy sources is electricity from Solar PV panels.

What Can I Do?

Now is the time to seriously consider the case for renewable sources with excellent solar and air source heating technologies plus lower energy bills and government-guaranteed incomes. There are clear benefits like never before:

Produce your own clean electricity, hot water or space heating

Cut ever increasing energy bills

Guaranteed income for the next 25 years (Solar PV) from the government Feed In Tariff scheme.

Guaranteed income for the next 20 years ( Solar Thermal) and 18 years ( ASHP) from the government Renewable Heat Incentive scheme ( due to launch in June 2011)

Benefit from up to a 10% return on your investment – better than any banks!

Reduce your contribution to global warming



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